In January 2014 our family sufered a great loss, when my grandfather suddenly passed away. We had been very close as my grandfather raised me since my childhood. 
My grandparents lived in the complex of Kotera‘s water tower in the 4th district of Prague.When I was little, I used to spend with them all summer. In the garden of the water tower, there was a tree under which our family par- ties used to take place every summer. 
Because of that, it became our family tree. My grandfather planted it by accident when throwing away a sour cherry pit. His death really hit me hard. After his death, I wanted to do something for him to appreciate who he was and what he had done for me. 
At the same time, to honour his memory and to remind us of him. I decided to dedicate him my bachelor‘s  nal project and thus create a multimedia memorial. My goal was to create a high quality artwork with sensitivity. I would like it to leave in us memories of his life as well as peace with his departure from this world.  e work consists of projection animation and a tree, where the video installation is projected. 
I use the colour symbolics as well as shapes.  e video installation captures four most important periods of my grandfather‘s life.

Original artwork, 2014 Digital media, animation, photography
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